Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween, everyone

Back to my blog after a short absence and holiday abroad. And just in time to wish everyone a happy Halloween!!!

I am not much of a Halloween fan myself - it never played a big part in my childhood and has only recently become a big thing in Germany. As the celebration originated in my adopted country Ireland, though, I have started decorating for it, too. Besides, I love to bake pumpkin bread from the pumpkin flesh which I have to take out when carving the pumpkins.  

But I also want to take the opportunity and gush a bit about craft-heaven. Yes, I have been to the pearly gates of craft-shopping in Germany. And I could not resist buying a few things, even though I hadn't even got any particular projects in mind with them. I came away with lots of thin silver wire, two packets of straws from which I intend to make straw stars for the Christmas tree. I bought lots of Christmassy decorations, some silver leaves-wire, and thin strips of paper from which to make Froebel stars.

So, dear readers, there will be loads to come in the next weeks...

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