Sunday, August 23, 2009

Material of the Week - Security Envelopes - Project 3

I had set myself the guideline of writing at least 3 posts with the current material of the week. But then I didn't get to update the blog as often as I thought this week. So here is a quick last suggestion what to do with the security envelopes.

I punched out loads of paper circles with my new toy, the 1-inch-punch. Then I made a simple garland of paper circles by sewing them together with the sewing machine. That was great fun, by the way. You just "feed" the circles under the needle and the machine does the rest. Quite a restful project - I could have gone on for hours - but ran out of circles.

I think I will hang the garland at our tall drawing room window. They will sway nicely in the draft from the windows. Or they could be a nice decoration for a birthday present.

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