Craft-Werk started in June 2009 just after I had suddenly found myself with lots of free time when the recession axed my job. Initially just for posting the results of my crafty endeavours, I realized that there was a demand for posts with instructions and tutorials. Therefore almost all posts on Craft-Werk now contain tutorials, sometimes even video tutes or downloadables.

The name Craft-Werk plays on my German mothertongue - not only am I displaying my craft(y) wOrk here, but craft-werk looks and sounds like the German word "Kraftwerk" which translates as power station, and I am a pretty energetic person...

A bit more about myself: I am a photographer and journalist, now out of third level with a BA in Photographic Media. You can see some of my photographic work on my portfolio website sonjakrollimagewerk. I live in my favourite town, Dublin, Ireland, where I am happy in what I call "love exile", now fully complete with two children and two cats.

If you would like to see me talk and move (...), here is a video where I was interviewed not as a crafter but a photographer.