Monday, November 29, 2010

First of Advent

The first of advent is through. I have slowly crept into the kitchen with my decorating efforts, but in comparison to previous years this year's decoration is much tamer. The reason is really that I am so busy - and also find it hard to get over my laziness when I do have a free second. Well, it's a process of little steps. And yesterdays steps included decorating the kitchen chandelier.

I was nearly too late to get the holly - we are snowed in. Snow in Ireland is very rare. Snow in  November is nearly unheard of. Luckily there is a park across the street from me, where I was able to nick a few branches.

This is the easiest deco ever - I just weave the branches around the chandelier and then hang the baubles. Nice effect. Only problem are the holly berries which tend to drop into our food when eating at the dining table underneath the chandelier ;-). Especially once the branches have been up a few day and are drying out. But hey, a few concessions need to be made for proper Christmas atmosphere...



Shawna said...

I'm in love with this chandelier! I didn't realize it didn't snow in Ireland very much. With all the rain, you'd think snow would be as prevelent!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hey Shawna, thanks for the comment. You are right - Ireland has rain, not snow. Except this year. This is really strange weather - heavy snowfall, temperatures well below zero. And thunderstorms! Bizarre!

lisbonlioness said...

This is well pretty! I love simple stuff, and you can't beat nature anyway.
Snowy greetings from Yorkshire!

Ann Martin said...

So pretty! I know what you mean about holly dropping its berries. It always seems to wilt before the other evergreens, but it's so pretty I always cut some anyway.

I hope your weather has straightened out by now!