Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Want Snow!

It's that time of year again. No, I am not talking of winter. I am talking of the run-up to an exam. You can always tell it is that time, because there is a flurry of activity on my blogs. Suddenly the crafting tools come out again and I cannot stop myself from making things. Some people call it creativity. I call it replacement activity - I'll do anything but study *ggg*. I am that kind of bird.

So with that in mind it was essential, no, imperative, that the Queen of Crafts got her latest post-Christmas sale bargain into crafty shape. I had picked up this garland of snowy plastic fir while over in Germany. Can you see the white specks of snow crystals on the fir? Well, I think there was much more snow on the needles when I bought this in the shop, alas, travelling in my suitcase did not do this piece of deco that good - when I took the garland out of its protective bag upon arrival at home, a handful of crystals trickled onto the kitchen table. Ah well.

Anyway, undeterred, I ploughed through the fake snow and dug out my old homemade wreath base. This thing has seen better days - and is still not a perfect circle. Ah well. It'll do.

I placed the garland on the ring and then secured it in place with some decorative wire which I had also picked up in Germany. Basically it is just some silver wire with some translucent and transparent plastic stars attached. Not too showy, not too tacky. The result you can see below:

I don't mind the easter egg shape of this, but the wreath looked a bit too irregular, so I decided to decorate it with what I had at hand.

And I always have some decorative crap stuff at hand. This, I decided, was finally the time to put some blingy silver ribbon to work which I must have picked up yeeeears ago.

And then there were also some styrofoam birdies that I saw in a Euro-shop (the European equivalent of a Dollar Store - ooops, or is that obvious??) before Christmas. I completely forgot about them then, because I had originally intended to decorate the advent candle wreath with them. They matched the colours of the candles perfectly. But hey, now they came out.

So here is the winter wonder snow wreath:

It's currently gracing my kitchen window - our front door would beautifully suit as a canvas, but unfortunately we live literally 5 steps up from a main thoroughfare in Central Dublin and the wreath would be snatched as soon as night falls... (I am speaking from experience - I have lost a couple of wreaths to the great God of travelling pickpockets *grumbles*)

I still want snow. Really.


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Unknown said...

This is very sweet :-).
The best of luck with your exams