Sunday, January 13, 2013

She Chokes

A great day, just the way I like Sundays. I spent all day crafting. Well, that's after I got out of bed at about 11 am... *theshame*. But then it was all systems go with MDF, a circular saw and paint, as well as a sewing machine and some fancy fabric. Project MDF is not ready yet and Project Sew needs to have photos imported. But since I am impatient to get stuff out here, I'll post Project Choke. Forgive me for the bad quality pictures - the next post will be nicer to look at (because it won't feature me in it!!!)

My beadbox, as I noticed today, is littered with lots of beaded half-domes. They are the residue of a craft project I went crazy on almost three years ago. (My, is it already that long ago? I would've thought it was only last year...) You can read about that here. And here. Eh, and here. Anyway, I don't like loose ends and I wondered what I could use them for. Since I didn't have any tulle to make more of these corsage flowers, I had to think of something else.

A choker, she choked. Indeed. Should I ever be invited to a Baroque-themed costume party, I am ready.

I had a bit of ribbon left hat I used for this little project. Also, I needed some velcro and the bead dome.

I basically stuck my velcro onto the ribbon after determining, how long the choker needed to be to fit snugly round my neck.

I quickly sewed over the velcro to keep it in place. Then I hand-sewed the bead dome onto the ribbon.

That's it. The photos aren't great, sorry, I was using my iPhone and I might try and take some better shots of it if I have time. Also, I didn't stage myself very well in this - wearing my usual fleece top instead of dressing up appropriately. But there you have it, I am too impatient to re-do the whole shoot now.

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