Monday, August 10, 2009

Project Patience

Back from holidays myself and my daughter couldn't wait to get our teeth into the next project. Well, not our teeth, but our fingers, really. So we sat down and made a couple of bracelets. Nothing new, really. The idea is rather old - I had started making one of bracelets years ago and never finished it. But WARNING - it is a very fiddly business. In fact so fiddly, that in the middle of it I had this growing lump of frustrated energy inside me and I had to get up from the project, jump up and down and scream a bit, to calm down again. Me, strange? Nooooo!

We used some small, girly pink safety pins, little beads, slightly larger beads and some elastic band. The bracelets are designed for two little girls, so we used 20 pins and about 80 larger beads as well as four 10cm lengths of elastic band for their slender wrists. First we "threaded" the little beads onto the safety pins.

After that we threaded the pins and the beads in a regular pattern onto the elastic band. For maximum effect make sure you thread the pins in such a way that the "beaded" sides are all facing the same side of the bracelet! At the end we simply tied the elastic band with two double knots.

And voilá, two little girls very happy! And a mother who was quite impressed by the patience that the otherwise impatient little daugther displayed.


Infarrantly Creative said...

That looks like a fun craft. Adorable...I do have a tolerant husband. As long as the house is clean and dinner is on the table and the kids look well-nourished he is happy. ;-)

Sonja, Queen of Crafts said...

Hey Infarrantly Creative - thanks for the return visit. Hehe, sometimes it is easy to keep people happy...;-)