Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Art Box

Apologies for a break in the MoW posts. I have had to put this week's second instalment onto the backburner as it isn't yet quite presentable. But since I don't want to leave you, my esteemed readers, waiting, I have decided to break the boredom with a quick post on another crafty project I did this week.

My favourite daughter got into a right panic on Sunday evening when she was getting ready for her first day back in school. She was looking for her old art box - which seemed to have vanished over the summer holidays. In order to dry her tears I suggested we make a new, absolutely unique one-in-a-million art box. One that none of her classmates would have.

I used to make these boxes all the time when I was in college. That was back in the early 90s when all those fabulous b/w photos were used for ads in the magazines for the likes of Calvin Klein and Davidoff and Guess. I made a huge one to keep my record collection in (yeeeeeees - it was back in the good old days. No child, mummy did not have an MP3 player then - we were living in analogue times. However could we exist without digital sound back then????), covered kids' shoe boxes to collect letters in (yeeeeeees, we were using "snail mail" - noooooo, there was no internet yet!), made trinket boxes and pencil holders (yeeeeeeeeees, we were still able to handwrite back then!). Whoa - what a trip back down memory lane. Seems like a century ago. Oh, hang on - it actually is...

Anyway - I found her a shoe box (of which I currently have a whole stack - they are waiting to be used for parcels to my friends back home) and suggested we cover it with some blue gingham sticky cover which I had picked up for a couple of Euro a while ago in discount supermarket Lidl. Luckily blue is her favourite colour and she agreed to it but wanted it more unique - so we made a nice collage of pictures for the box and only used the gingham for the lid.

At this point I am an expert in using sticky cover stuff - I think I covered 23 schoolbooks for my kids last week *sighs*. Over the years I have found a technique that works best for me when covering books etc. without getting air bubbles and creases into the plastic. What you really, really need is a soft cloth with which you continually smooth down the sticky cover. Don't worry if you notice a crease - you can pull the sticky cover off again as it only sets after a while.

While I covered the lid, I set daughter up with a stack of my interior design magazines (*sighs* - yes, one of my expensive weaknesses...) and glossies to cut out images she liked. I also ripped out some big blue ads for the background.

Once we had collected a number of images, I stuck the background pics onto the box, using a pritt stick. Then I cut out smaller pics and placed them on top of the blue background.

When everything was to her liking I covered the box with clear sticky cover to make it more durable. I loved that part best - because it meant I was finally able to use up all those cut-offs that were left over from the book-covering last week. (The sticky cover is so bloody expensive, I hate it when 10 x 40cm strips of it are left over...)

The daughter was happy with the outcome - and wonderful mother that I am, I am happy when daughter is happy... *winks*. I should really make a few more of these boxes - there is always stuff lying around that would benefit from a little organising.

I actually covered a few boxes when we were doing up our bedroom a couple of years ago and I wanted my work station to tie in with the decor of the bedroom. Back then I used Laura Ashley wallpaper frieze (or whatever you call that small strip you paste at dado height) which I had picked up in their bargain bin for € 2.50 apiece. It was just the right width to cover shoe boxes, magazine holders and folder backs.


kvogler said...

WOW! I really like tha box and I am bit jealous that Tess got such a wonderful Art Box. I really like boxes somehow as well...I just do not have enough space to store them all!!!! Damn it!
Anyway, well done to you and Tess.


Sonja, Queen of Crafts said...

Cheers - good to know you like these boxes... *grins*