Thursday, September 3, 2009

Falling for Autumn

I hate to admit it, but I think summer is over. The days start really dark again and the weather has turned. Here in Ireland we are humble again, wishing for nothing else but that it stays dry.

As I will be away for the weekend, going to a fantastic open air festival with a lot of music, art, theatre, poetry, food etc. etc., I thought I should update craft-werk with something ready-made. Also, I like to be seasonal and topical. And with my intro above you can guess what it is: autumn decoration.

Now, let me say first of all, that I am not a "centrepiece girl". And I am also not exactly a gifted florist. I subscribe more to what might be called "The Gumby School of Flower Arranging" (please, please click this link if you like Monty Python - it explains my relationship with floristry pretty well...) As you probably have figured out if you are following my blog on a regular basis: The Queen of Crafts does not like lengthy projects and detailed instructions. Same applies to my attitude towards flower arranging. And therefore my centrepieces are the easiest projects ever.

Here is last year's autumn deco:
(Really sorry, by the way - for some reason blogger always shows this image sideways... Ah well, you get the drift!)

Assembling it was great fun, because it involved a nice walk in the little park opposite my house. Myself and the daughter went over and collected as much autumn material as possible. I had great aspirations for a sophisticated arrangement. Back home, however, when thrown into a wicker wreath, the coincidental arrangement looked pretty good without further tweaking. So I left it that way.

The year before I did something similar: Gather as much stuff as you can and then throw it all in a bowl of some shape or form. Mine was actually a wrought iron basket with four candles, which is really meant as a type of advent wreath (traditional German affair where each of the four Sundays before Christmas you light another candle). Nonetheless, it looked good in it.

I placed a saucer or desert plate in the basket so the smaller bits didn't fall out. Isn't autumn surprisingly colourful? Spot all the things I put in there - berries, ivy buds and leaves, chestnuts and leaves, acorns, a dried up artichoke flower.

So - get out there, go for a walk, pick up lots of colourful nature stuff and start arranging, ladies (and gents)!
Mr Gumby will be disgusted!!!!


Unknown said...

Good Lord! I really thought you are joking... and you just bought it in the flower shop!
It looks really great.. So I guess with the next IKEA visit I definatly need a nice plate and than a sunny day for a walk...
It is quite handy to have the park across the street...let me think.. Oh yes I have a street just in front ;)
I'll find something and I guess walking is not the worse thing in the world ;)

Anyway, well done! I am looking forward to the next visit in you home to uncover even more cool new designs!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hehe, "thanks for the flowers", Katja. How about we take a walk together?
And what do you think about my cool new feature with the links to previous articles?