Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally - I am back!!!

Hello. Do you remember me? For the past two months I have been more of a photographer than a crafter. But - alas - all assignments have been handed in, the exams have been sat, my semester is over, and a laaaaaaaaaarge gap has opened in my life, only to be filled with crafting... Yes, it's time again...

Like my kitchen clock? Hehe, like it or not, I am easing myself back into craft mode by showing you this as one of the last projects I completed before I went AWOL: My Spot (the Difference) Clock. It was featured a good while ago on Cassity's blog Remodelaholic, but I am taking the opportunity to post instructions for this neat little rip-off copy here on Craft-Werk, too.

It all started with a simple wall clock that I was given by a friend who used to work in a healthfood shop. The clock was a promotional item that the shop had been given. It was rather non-descript – and marred by the company logos on the clock face. My first solution was just to paint black marker over the logos and keep the clock otherwise unchanged. It graced my kitchen wall for a year or two. 

And then I came across the Damien Hirst Spot Clock in my favourite interior design magazine, Living etc. Can you believe that they charge 285 English Pounds/460 Dollars for this beautiful but simple design? (Please click on link for image - I do not include images from external, commercial sources for copyright reasons... photographer's oath)

Hang on, I can create that for less! My kitchen clock has the same simple surround – and is cheap enough to be tampered with. So out came the spray paint and the circle punch.

And this is how I did it:

Dissemble the clock, take out the glass and the clock face.

Protect the clock hands with straws – unless you can dissemble the clockwork.

Spray the clock frame and the clock face with white gloss.

Print out 12 colours of your choice on a piece of paper  and punch out circles with a circle punch. Stick them evenly on the clock face with spray adhesive. Make sure you mark the top of the clock where the hanger sits.
Re-assemble all components and hang your new Damien Hirst Spot Clock rip-off. (Oh dear, what a big crack on the wall... guess I have to do some painting, soon...)

So that's it. Quick, cheap and easy.

Right - hope to be back with more, soon! Thanks for waiting, reading and encouraging me!



Heather - said...

Very cool! It reminds me of the Eames ball clock, but all self-contained instead of starbursty. Yay,you're back

Anonymous said...

Huhu, wie geht es dir? Gefällt dir die Kette in live ?

Würd mich freuen, von dir zu lesen.

Let´s crafty
Candy Kisses

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

nice to have you back! I just got finished my semester too and have attacked a bunch of crafty projects! :)