Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chunky Necklace - Recycled from Unloved Bracelets

Ok, I suppose I won't get away with a post that ignores the fact that Craft-Werk had been languishing for nearly four month's??? Well, I'll keep it short - (I may not have any readers anymore who interested in my ramblings, anyway.) What happened was that I had to sit my finals for my Diploma in Photography in May. I passed (with distinction, she brags) and I partied. I took a break from crafting to just enjoy life for a bit without the pressure of being creative. Then I went on holiday to Germany and Poland. And the longer I put off writing a new entry for the blog, the more difficult it became to find an excuse for my long absence - in turn putting me off to get back into blogging. On top of that the irrational pressure that I had to come back to blogging with a "bang", i.e. a total stunner of a project. Rubbish, all of it - instead I decided to follow the marketing-effective advice of a well-known sports equipment manufacturer, and just did it. So without further ado, back into the flow...

I love costume jewellery, particularly bracelets. Recently I discovered that I hardly wear my bracelets anymore, though, because they annoy me when I am typing at my laptop. I don't want to give them away, however, and so I had to think of a way of reusing them. Currently you see a lot of layered necklaces in the shops - and they were my inspiration for this:
This is one of the easiest re-using projects I have ever done.  Here is my material:

1 chunky, long silver necklace

4 bracelets of little monetary but huge sentimental value, i.e. the dangling, antique Silver coins, collected by my father-in-law in Peru for his wife and then attached to a chain; an enamelled bracelet bought in the 1940s in Norway by my grandfather for my granny; a sweet little silver heart (which came from a kids magazine) and a shiny metal bracelet from China.

No tools necessary as I all I did was put the hoops of the bracelets through the clasp of the necklace - and attach the clasps of the bracelets to the hoop of the necklace.

A bit fiddly, I admit, but done in all but 5 minutes!

Chunky and folksy jewellery is still in fashion, I believe - so here is my updated, recycled look:

Right - that's it for now. Hope you'll like it!


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Jo said...

Great idea - gonna try it!

Anonymous said...

You still have it, girl! Perfect and creative and rather ingenious, actually! So glad to see you!!!

Ann Martin said...

Clever idea and welcome back! Congrats on the new degree - I'm not surprised a bit about the distinction part.

Linda said...

I just found you through your link on Remodelaholic. What an great idea!!! And then I saw your re-use of single earrings---I have a little pile of those on my vanity. I"m going to go do that right now!!