Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hello hello - yes, I have woken up from hibernation in Hibernia. It is quite evident - not only in the fact that I have already posted a crafty project this week, but that I could not rest until I had spring-cleaned my blog.

Well, it's a bit more than a spring clean, I guess. It's a complete make-over. I just couldn't bear the bright read any longer. Inexplicably I have recently developed a "thing" for bright yellow. I have no idea why. I never particularly liked yellow - too garish, too cold, too sour. But at the moment I simply cannot get enough of yellow. I have been posting quite a bit of that on my Pinterest boards. Maybe I am craving the colour of the sun after months of winter? In any case - since I cannot really re-decorate my house in bright yellow (it would just look out of place, I think), I am revamping craft-werk instead.

Grey is pretty much on trend, too, and doesn't it look great with yellow? I couldn't resist and drag the spring-theme even to the header and reappropriate one of my earlier projects, the bird magnets, for the header illustration. Read about them here.

Oh, and one thing hasn't changed: I am still a geek. And therefore I had to change my favicon from the white scissors on red background to a sleek little factory. (If you want to know how to make your own custom favicon, here's my post.)

That, actually, is my general logo for my RLW (real life work) as a journalist and photographer. Incidentally, if you wanna have a look, check my new photography website which I am currently revamping, too (so not entirely glitch-less yet). It's called imagewerk - of course...

Anyhow, hope you like the new look. While I was at it, I had to change my blog signature, too. After all, it all has to fit together, somehow - the organic look, so to speak. So I made myself a new signature on It's dead easy - so had over there and get yourself a personal touch, too ;-)



coffee in a cup said...

congrats on the new and very fresh blog look!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

oooh, Etta, you are quick :-). Thanks!! Feeling all zesty like a lemon *ggg*

Dana said...

Also ich mochte den alten Look:( Aber das Grau ist auch ok! Tolle neue Imagewerk Seite. Well done!


Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Whoa, und noch ein früher Wurm hier? Ihr seid aber heute alle flottiflott ;-)... Naja, einmal im Jahr muss man ja mal was Neues bringen... Und zeigen, dass man die Trends kennt :-D. Ich steh ja eigentlich mehr auf weiße Hintergründe, aber hier durfte es dann auch mal anders aussehen, als auf meiner Fotoseite. Hoffe, dass du dich an den neuen Look gewöhnst ;-)

Jutta said...

Lovely! Finde das gelb sooo schön. mir geht das genauso wie dir, mochte es nie, aber jetzt plötzlich...
mag deinen neuen look sehr gern!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Huhu Jutta - danke für den Kommentar. Bin noch immer schwer am Überlegen, wem ich denn nun den Blog Award weiterreichen kann.
Und was gelb angeht: dann befinden wir uns in gegenseitig guter Gesellschaft ;-) Grüßchen nach W'huk!