Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notebooks - Before and After

I recently came across some notebooks that were perfectly usable but hideously ugly. While I had a bit of time to fill, I quickly gave them a makeover with some beautiful origami paper which I had recently bought in muji. I really like that shop  - they are a no fuss, no frills and - most importantly - no label store which sells all kinds of well-designed bits and pieces. The origami paper was conveniently sized to fit my two notebooks.

This is what the notebooks looked before. I basically glued the paper squares to the notebook covers with a glue stick. Then I took clear adhesive film and covered the books with it, carefully pressing it down with a soft cloth to avoid any air pockets to be trapped under the film.

Once I had covered both sides, I cut off the edges of the sticky film and then folded the edge over to the inside of the cover. Unfortunately the clear film is invisible on the two pictures I shot for illustration, but you might get the drift...

Anyway, they turned out looking much nicer than the boring originals. What will I write into them?


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