Friday, October 2, 2009

Blackboard Paint - Storage Labels for Jam Jars

With my course in photography I am quite busy and therefore do not get to do as much crafting as I would like. It seems that my creativity these days goes into photography. There are plenty of projects to work on and less time for crafts. But here is a small project, another variation on the theme of blackboard paint.

As the jam-making season has drawn to a close, I had a few jam jars left over. My kitchen dresser is a horrible mess of little bits and pieces that I like to have handy but which haven't got a proper home. I found the solution to the unsightly mess with my jam jars.

I simply sprayed the metal lids of the jars with blackboard paint. Give the lids a good wash, making sure they are not greasy or dusty. Then spray with blackboard spray. Give them at least two coats and let each coat dry thoroughly. If you are too impatient and the paint is not properly dry, you will scratch it off in the process of writing on it with your chalk.

Ok, you can see what is inside the jar, anyway, but the uniformly black lids add a bit of style to the jar display in my storage shelves. You can label your jars easily with chalk and wipe it off when you use the jar to store something else in it. I now have a great home for the children's ink cartridges and my paper clips.


Doganora said...

Fantastic idea! What exactly is blackboard paint, though? Haven't heard of it. Literally the stuff they paint skool blackboards with? Didn't realise that was available commercially x

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Yep, it is matt paint which essentially gives you the sort of rough-ish surface you can write on with chalk. It is available as spray or as proper paint. It's really straightforward to use...