Thursday, October 8, 2009

A crafty card-making session...

Amazingly I was able to fit in a quick card-making session between child-minding and college. I felt the urge to be creative, so I got my loot-bag from Daintree Papers out, grabbed the spray mount and the puncher and created a few cards.

This is a scanned image, so all this is a collage of six individual cards, lazily scanned together in one go :-). They look slightly three-dimensional. That is due to the card which has a mother-of-pearl shine to it. The stripy paper is actually Japanese paper which is quite precious and expensive. So I used every bit of it - the punched out circles and the surrounding bits.

I quite like graphic designs on greeting cards - they suit every occasion and are rather easy to make. However, I felt particularly creative yesterday (...) and also made this little card for a very special occasion.

Let's hope that the receiver of this particular card is not following the blog... There are a few of them around...

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