Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn decoration 2009

Finally, finally I have found the time to put some autumn decoration up in my home. I had been in Co. Wicklow over the weekend and used the opportunity to collect bits and pieces on a walk in the country. I came away with lots of twigs and sweet chestnuts. Last night I put everything together in an arrangement which now graces my kitchen wall.

I had planned to make a wreath from the twigs, but while making it I decided on a tear shape instead. It is actually easier to make - just tie the twigs together with florist's twine and instead of bending it to be a circle, tie one end into the other while leaving some twigs to stick out at the top.

Once you have made your wreath you can start decorating it. I fixed some wire onto the corn cobs (which I had knicked from a field in Germany *blushes*) and tied them to the top of the wreath. Then I took lots of straw flowers and tied their little stems with wire to the wreath. Careful - the dried stems break very easily. I also had some other dried flowers which I tied on the other side of the wreath.

The sweet chestnuts, little furry green balls (aren't they lovely?), came in pairs or in threes, so I pulled a bit of wire through the stems and then tied the wire onto the wreath. I would have preferred to tie a ribbon bow to the top of the tear shaped wreath, but since I didn't have any colour ribbon that would have suited the autumny shades, I had to use some raffia. I tied it in a bow where the ends of the wreath meet - that way I can hide the wire that holds the two ends together.

I have to admit, I find the deco is a bit on the tacky side. But well, I wanted to try making my own wreath and had to work with what I got. At least the whole thing didn't cost me anything as I had all materials at hand.

For some easier autumn decorations check out my posting from September 3rd.  


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!! So creative! I love how you just found all that stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and comment on my blog!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hey Tamela - thanks for visiting and commenting,too.