Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Window Decoration - Kid Proof

I really had to step away from the internet this weekend - and finally enjoy Christmas time after handing in all my assignments. So I never got round to updating the blog with the post that I uploaded some pictures for on Friday. Here we go - not too late yet for some Christmassy decorating. And you can even involve the kids in this, as it is easy-peasy

It was actually my 8-year-old daughter who showed me how to do this. She took some translucent paper and cut it into eight rectangular pieces. (If you want to, you can be all exact and tidy with this - she wasn't and the result was still nice - or is that just Mama's forgiving and proud eye???)

Then she folded them down over to find the middle of the paper. 

Using the fold line as a guide, she then made pointy bits. Never mind if it looks like in the picture left - the finished project still looks like a star! Fold all eight pieces of paper like this. 
Again using the first, middle fold as a reference point, stick one star piece onto another. A glue stick will work fine. Do this with all eight pieces!

In the end you have an eight-pointed star like this:

While it looks a bit irregular, once you have stuck it against the window, it is quite pretty and the overlapping bits of translucent paper create a nice, regular pattern.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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