Friday, December 18, 2009

Recommended: Ikea Hacker

Whoa - finally I can relax and enjoy Christmas. My first semester is over and all projects and assignments have been handed in as of yesterday. So time to update the blog a bit because Craft-Werk has suffered badly in the last while.

While I am uploading pictures of a little project on flickr, let me give you a recommendation here today. One of my regular blog stops is this fantastic blog called Ikeahacker. Well, it does what it says on the tin: It shows crafty re-purpusing of Ikea items. These can be big projects like a cat litter in a cupboard or just a simple advent calendar made from a tab-top curtain. Yep - that sounds familiar, because yours truly has submitted her project for fellow Ikea hackers.

Go on, check the site - it's really cool what people come up with. Ikea is just fantastic. Not only has it good design at great prices, but the items there can be used in such versatile ways... 

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