Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Wreath

A bit late for the first of Advent, I admit. But let me still show you what this year's advent wreath looks like in the Royal Household:

It's all very simple, not much decor. Because I believe that the warm candle glow and the beautiful fir are pretty just by themselves. Add too much to that and you risk the Tack Factor...

So my wreath - homemade, by the way, on a wire circle, with little bundles of fir and fastened on with green gardening string - is decorated with a few white beads on a silver wire. The four candles - one for each of the four Sundays before Christmas - sit on silver candle plates which have a spike underneath for poking into the wreath. That's all there is - and it is quite enough, I think.

I would love to see my subjects' readers' creations... Drop me a comment with a link to your pics!

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