Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love the blogosphere...

... where people connect across borders, different languages and topics. Most of the blogs that I follow are craft blogs - and they are the ones that are displayed in my blog list on the left. Check them out, there are really cool sites there.

I was particularly chuffed, however, to get a mention on a non-craft blog the other day. Notizblog is a blog by Tanja who showcases her fine journalism. Not only do I love the pun in the name of the blog (Notizblog  plays on the German word "Notizblock", which means notepad - and is the journalists' tool of the trade), but what is really interesting here is that she writes about the things that do not make it into the usual journalistic articles. The funny situations and what is alluded to between the official lines... It's written in German and its main focus is the world of e-commerce and online news. Here's her blog post on Craft-Werk.

Bloggers of the world unite!

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Jenilee said...

:) cute post! :) the blogosphere is an amazing place!