Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Quick and Easy Adventcalendar

It's still time to make an advent calendar! Here is a quick and easy idea. 

I have the best friends in the world! Knowing that I love Christmas and all the customs that go with it, my friend Dani surprised me with an advent calendar. When she visited in November, she left a box with 24 individually wrapped and labelled Advent treats for me and my family. What a great way of making a present last longer than the initial surprise!!!

Yesterday I decided to display her advent pressies. Among my Christmas deco stuff I had a large-ish wreath which I had made from larch twigs, with the larch cones still attached. I simply took a few bundles of twigs and fastened them together with silver wire and then bent it into a circle. With some silver thread I hung the presents from the wreath. It now hangs in our staircase, accessible for all of us.  

Can't wait to open my first treat!!! Thank you, Dani!

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