Monday, March 8, 2010

Cool Collages

Can you read this:

Yay - Craft-Werk!!! If I didn't already have a banner that I am quite happy with, this is what I would use. If you look closely you can see that the images in the collage are all the projects I have presented here on the blog since I started nine months ago (go on, take out that magnifying glass, I dare ya!)

Yep, I have turned into a geek, I know. But it's just so easy to do, I couldn't resist. And while I was at it, I finally also got into the swing and turned all my green photos into a collage for St. Patrick's Day.Strictly speaking it is not created by me - but I thought I'd show you my find because you might want to create a nice little collage for Paddy's Day or any other upcoming event in your busy lives...

No, I did not painstakingly print and cut out every photo and stick it in a shamrock shape - Shape Collage did that for me. It's really cool - you download their application for free, then you drag and drop all your chosen image into the tool, determine the shape you want it arranged in and click "create". Bang, there it is. There are tons of shapes to choose from - or you can (freehand) draw your own shape. I love it - photo collages made easy. Give it a shot...


PS: Ok, yes, I promise this is not turning into a photography blog. This will - probably - be the last photo post in a while. And: I am not getting paid to promote this site... unfortunately!

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