Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Star on Saturday

I love linking parties. My God, how many nice, inspiring, interesting, unbelievable ideas have I discovered through linking parties... I had no idea these things existed when I started blogging last June. And I remember totally not copping the concept when I joined my first link party at DIY Show Off. I just left my link - but didn't realize I had to leave a link to the party in my own post... Actually, I think that happened several times, so Roeshel (who is the woman behind DIY Show Off) must have had to remove my links more than once. Apologies... ;-)

Can there ever be too many linking parties? Noooo - and that is why I have decided to give it a go and start one myself. You see, I have noticed that most linking parties seem to happen during the week. That's all very well, of course. But I would love to see more stuff happening on a Saturday cos that's when I get a bit of time to play with my blog... 

I like it when blog parties have a particular slant - whether it is a theme like Michelle's from Someday Crafts recently started Categorically Crafting. Michelle sets a theme for the week and the linked projects have to reflect that. Or even once-off events like Beth's at The Stories from A to Z. She is hosting a "Show me your shoes Party" soon. Ok, that's not necessarily crafty, but you get the drift.

Sooooooooooooooo, to come to the point: I am starting a "Best Post of the Week"-Party. The reason behind it: I have noticed there are a lot of crafty people out there who post more than just one ingenious project per week. I try to be one of them (but have lately been sucked into my college work again...). However, there is usually one post in any one week which I particularly loved or am especially proud of. And my new link party The Star on Saturday is meant to be a platform for those star projects that you want to highlight especially. In my case, for instance, this week I particularly liked my silhouette mugs. If you only wrote one post the previous week - doesn't matter, it is automatically your star post and you can link up!

The rules are:

  1. The project has to be yours. (But it doesn't matter whether it was posted on your blog or you posted it as a guest post somewhere else.)
  2. Only one link per week.
  3. You need to link back to the party via link or button.
  4. Anything vaguely crafty goes: Projects, re-dos, before and afters, recipes, how tos, also blogging tips.

I know this is an experiment - I need to get the word out that there is a new party on the block  blog. It would be great if this took off. The plan is to have the party open for links on Saturday and then I pick some highlights for Sunday.

So, let's just give it a go - please take part, link your (own!!!) star post of the past week, stick a reference to the party in your post (either with the button or by link back) and spread the word.  



Anonymous said...

Love this party, Sonja!!! I also love that it's on a Saturday. There aren't too many parties on Saturdays. I'll post your party on my "linky parties" page.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Hi Sonja. Thanks for inviting me! If you'd like you can link up at my Friday Favorites party too!

Bird said...


Thanks for the sweet comment!

Count me in! I love a party!! :)

Loves Courage said...

I totally love your crafty ideas! I am so glad to be a part of your divine party! Thanks Sonja!

your Irish Sis: Susan

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Help! I can't figure out how to join your party?!

* The Design Confidential said...

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have tried to link up for the last couple saturday's and it isn't working for me! seems like i'm the only one :( what am i doing wrong, help! hahah
is it a time difference problem? eek!