Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Post It-Insert for my Filofax

I don't know about you, but I simply can't live without my filofax. My life is in there. It is the Headquarters of the Kingdom of Sonja, so to speak. Appointments, birthdays, addresses and phonenumbers are permanently stored in there. I even keep receipts, stamps, (my) business cards and postcards in there. It comes with me on every holiday and it usually also comes out with me in my photo- or shoulderbag when I am shooting or shopping.


The filofax is stylish and practical. The inserts for it are pricey, though :-(. So today I made a nifty little insert for it myself, when I realised that I needed a handy divider which would also double up as a post it-disposer. You can just about see it in the picture above. And in the picture on the left it is the red tab with the sun image, peeking out from behind the diary pages. - I love those little sticky notes - so practical. I write reminders onto them and stick them onto my bathroom mirror so I won't forget that I need to bring the car to the NCT, or have a dental appointment at 8.30 am or have promised to do the school-run. 

I still haven't thrown out one of last year's calendars. The pages are nice and thick and have colourful designs on them - ideal as a divider for my filofax. So I ripped out January and folded it over, lining it up with a page from the filofax as a guide

Then I just glued the two halfs together with a gluestick.   
I marked the holes for the ring binder by drawing through a filofax page and then used a punch to punch them into the divider.
My assorted shapes and sizes of post its I then stuck onto the divider. I used glue dots for that - they are really handy when fixing things on paper and I find they stick really well.
Here they are, already on the divider, and in the diary.
The tab at the top just looks out over the pages and helps me locate the sticky notes whenever I need them. No frantic thumbing through my filofax - the red tab is where my post its are.
So handy, so easy, so quick. This might make a nice pressie for those organiser fans out there who, like me, need their daily fix filofax.

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Anonymous said...

I think the idea is really cool.. I should have thought about before I ripped out all the old stuff. I would be lost without my filofax and now especially with my Schwangerschaftsdemenz.


Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

*rofl* - are you gonna take it into the labour ward ;-)... you never know...

Lori said...

Since I got my cute little laptop I don't use one any more... I have it all in here.... Now if something happens to my cute little laptop I would be lost....

Thanks for joining "Get your Craft on Thurs." I hope you can join me next week.

Anonymous said...

Sonja, I do not have a filofax. But you make it look like a fun project anyway.