Thursday, September 30, 2010

100 is such a lovely number!

Why, hello! What do I suddenly notice? I have gained two subscribers in the last day and now have 100 followers!!! Wow - that is a milestone for me. So let me take the opportunity and say hello to all the recent new followers who signed up for this blog - while I was absent and living it up... Sorry that I haven't said hi to all of you. I usually make an effort and visit my new followers' blogs to thank them for joining - and to check whether there are any new blogs out there that I need to add to my own blogroll. However, over the summer, when I was relaxing after a stressful end of term, I let it all rest. So be welcomed to my blog, all of you. Keep the comments coming - they motivate me to go on and they make my day.

As regards the future: I have just started my second year in my photography BA. Experience tells me that things will get hectic before Christmas. Well, I better get some projects in before that, then, because I intend to keep the blog up and running and not slip back into oblivion.

Hope to hear from you all.

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