Tuesday, September 14, 2010


While making over my blog the other day, somehow the new template I used ignored my previous geeky additions. And so I discovered with dismay, that my pride and joy- the favicon - had vanished. Oh no! So I had to do a bit of housekeeping and re-launch my little badge of geekiness. Took me a little bit of time and effort to restore the scissors into the code, but I managed - not least with the help of my own post on the topic *haha*. Click HERE if you want to learn how to distinguish your blog with a favicon. 

And while I am at it, there is another little housekeeping item. I am happy to announce that my modest little project on lavender wardrobe fresheners was featured on Stephanie's Under the Table and Dreaming blog. *yay* Another button for my list on the left proudly displayed.

If you haven't yet discovered Under the Table and Dreaming, then take the opportunity and check the blog now. Stephanie hosts a blog linking party every Sunday - a treasure trove of cute and original ideas.

Ok, off now to think up some new ideas...


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Beth said...

Congrats on your feature! It's always fun to receive some recognition! Blessings, Beth