Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting into Autumnal Mood

I really don't want to let go of summer. But slowly autumn is creeping in... The days are so much shorter already. When I get up at 6 am, it is dark outside. And by 8 pm it is night again. Although we have had some sunshine recently, temperatures have dropped to 15 to 18°C. And the virginia creeper on the terrace of houses next to us has already turned dark red. So it is time to face the facts - autumn is upon us.

Today I picked the last flowers from the garden. And they seemed to have put their last bit of energy into their blooms. The mombretias were bigger than ever.

I cut a few of them and teamed them with those lovely Japanese daisies.

(A little exercise with shallow dof - can't resist photo experiments, sorry...).

So the drawing room is getting autumnified.

Have a nice Sunday!



Shawna said...

Love the sculpture thing on the left side of the mantle, has the gold beads strung across it. So much aesthetic interest!

Also, the orange flowers are the mombretias and the white are the japanese daisies? I really like both of those! Are they easy to grow?

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hey Shawna - the sculpture on the left is a model of the Temple of Castor and Pollux on the Forum Romanum in Rome. An ancestor brought that back from a visit.
And yes, the orange flowers are the mombretia and the white ones are the Japanese daisies. They both are perannials which grow and grow and grow in our garden even though there is not much sun in it. So yes, they are very easy to grow!
Thanks for commenting!