Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only 3 Months to Chrimbo...

Ok, Christmas sweeties are already in the shops here. I know, nothing new, happens everywhere. And yet every year I am surprised when I bump into gingerbread stars, Christmas puddings and chocolate Santa Clauses at the end of September. Frankly, I think it is sick!

However, today I am appealing to you to do some of your Christmas shopping early. My excuse is that I want to highlight an extremely good cause. I have just come across the etsy Europe for Charity store.

There is a large variety of beautiful, hand-crafted, totally individual items for sale in this shop, that the talented crafters have donated for charity. All the proceeds from the sales go to the flood victims in Pakistan.

Just at first glance I saw some must-have items for sale there, for instance the beautiful porcelain button by Annemiek from TwoTreesBelgium (whom I incidentally happen to know personoally and who is making the most amazing, delicate, yet cute porcelain pieces. She also keeps a blog where you can learn more about how she creates her pieces of art: Two Trees.) Or these lovely spherical earrings which would cheer up my day every time I put them on. Or the most stylish sewing kit EVER. Seriously, you can get your Christmas shopping done in a matter of seconds AND you are supporting a fantastic cause.

Also: There is another way of doing good. Chances are that you, dear readers, are gifted crafters, too. Have you thought about donating a piece of your work to the charity initiatives on etsy? It had passed me by that this was happening now, but a few months ago I took part in the Craft Hope for Haiti charity sale and within hours my flower corsage was sold.

Maybe I'll find something hand-made which I can contribute to the sale. Otherwise: Go buy and help!

Oh, and if any of you readers decide to put something up for sale in the Charity shops - please let me know. I would love to highlight the cause, the shop and of course you and your blog!



Anonymous said...

Sonja, how ironic you mention donating crafts. I've been doing some planning along those lines myself. Since my mother was diagnosed, had her mastectomy within the last two weeks and will be approaching chemo treatments, I've seen the love pouring out to her and how wonderful it has made her feel. I've been thinking of making some small flowers like the one in your hand, but in pink to send to bloggers who have cancer. A little blogger love, you know? If you would like to do something similar, let's get in touch and perhaps we can coordinate it in some way, although I know you don't live in the US -- it could make it more difficult. You're just a doll.

Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium said...

Hi Sonja, so nice of you to mention my work which I donated to Europe for Charity here in your blog!