Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope - Buy and Give in One Go

Dear Readers,

no doubt you have heard and read about the terrible human tragedy that is happening in Haiti due to the earthquake. It's time to get up off our crafty little bottoms and do something. Since we can't all go there and help ourselves, here is a wonderful way of doing your thing to relieve the suffering in Haiti.

Some kind people on internet craft platform etsy have come up with the most wonderful idea - they have organised a craft shop where crafters can donate items, the proceeds of which will all go to Doctors without Borders. Lots of beautiful crafted items are for sale there - head on over and do your good deed for the day. Buying has never felt so good - you buy and the money goes to a good cause. Please check Craft Hope, NOW!

Alternatively, please donate a craft item that you have made and let them sell it. I know you all are crafty and inventive - now your talents can also benefit those, who need our help. 

I have just made another corsage and donated it to Craft Hope for Haiti. It is nothing big - but I sincerely hope it will find a buyer and some money is generated.Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Go on, go over there! This is money well spent!!! And don't forget to highlight the store on your blog, too!


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