Sunday, January 10, 2010

For the Birds: Make Winterfood

We are having an unusually cold winter here in Ireland. Due to the Gulf stream we usually do not get temperatures below 0°C, but for several weeks now it has been very cold. Lately there has been a lot of snow. Well - in Irish terms a lot... The birds in the garden are having trouble finding food. And when cleaning my fat tray from the oven, I thought I might reuse it to get some food out for the birds.

So here is a little project that you can also involve the kids in. I basically poured the left-over fat into a small enamel mug. My daughter helped me put some seeds into the liquid fat. We had some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds which I use for baking my own bread. We also put in some oatflakes

Then I stuck an old bamboo chopstick into the middle and held in place with my kitchen scissors while the whole mixture started to set. Put it into the freezebox to speed up the process. To take out the birdfood, simply place the mug into hot water and then carefully pull out the birdfood lump as soon as it melts a little.

I had saved a plastic net that my garlic came in with the intention of putting this homemade bird food into it and then hang it from a tree in the garden. Imagine my dismay when I found, the Royal spouse had thrown the net out... So in the end we simply stuck the chopstick into a gap in the garden wall

I hope the birds can reach the food and get a meal out of it while not falling prey to our cats... Bon appetit, birdies! 

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