Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easy Decorating with Paper

Now that I have got my treasure box of beautiful papers, I have to use them. And if I don't want to keep making cards, I have to use it otherwise. There is plenty of cardboard-y paper with a mother-of-pearl sheen which would look good as cards, though. I was more keen on using the almost translucent paper strips which were in the goody bag.

After browsing through my book on papercrafts and experimenting with Japanese lanterns (unsuccessfully :( ) I found a quick and easy project: decorating a simple glass votive. Amazing, what you can do with a strip of pink, a strip of white and some raffia. I just wrapped the paper around the glass and then tied it in place with some raffia. For the other candle holder I glued the white piece of paper onto the pink and put a tiny bit of glue on the paper to stick it together.

Here are the finished candle votives - think pink!

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Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed that one - Sonja! - cab make such a stylish blog about crafts ;) congrats, Tanja