Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fantastic Japanese Paper Designs

In yesterday's blog entry about my holiday memory box I mentioned the Chinese-style paper I decorated my box with. I was not quite accurate. The paper is actually not Chinese but Japanese in style. But all scrapbook enthusiasts will be pleased to learn where you can get such lovely designs.

My paper came from a fantastic website which I found the other day. I am a true Canon-girl, i.e. I photograph with my Canon eos 350D. And while browsing on the Canon website, I saw that they have downloadable paper designs which would also be great for scrapbooking. Japanese Chiyogami papers which you use for origami and paper projects, are very dear. However, the Canon papers can be downloaded for free! Then you simply print them out on your printer.

Of course the printing will loose the delicate gold lines which these Japanese papers often have. You can see it on this collection of tiny scraps of Japanese paper that I have:
However, depending on the quality of your printer, the downloadable ones still look lovely when printed. Normal writing paper will do, but you can probably also use thinner paper and then get the true Japanese feel to it.

Check this out on Canon's Creative Park. There are many, many different designs to choose from. Thank you, Canon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing link :) I ve been looking for some japanese papers that I could download from the net, the designs are so pretty there :)