Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Necklace

Today I am showing you a necklace which I made a while back. Not that I didn't have a more recent crafts project. I actually spent all afternoon yesterday working on my latest project. I have finished it. And yet I haven't. There are some essential bits missing and I don't want to show it here until I am happy with the outcome. Currently that involves surfing eBay and other sites, hunting for some cut-class beads. You shall see as soon as I have what I need. But for now you have to do with my cutesy, not so little necklace.

A project for when you have half an hour to spare. Or you need to keep the kids occupied. In fact, when I first wore my necklace, a colleague commented whether that was one of my little crafts projects for my daughter *grumble*. No - I entirely managed to do this on my own. Ha! And am proud of it, nonetheless.

So, get yourself a length of black leather string (2m) and some colourful beads. The beads should be 1 cm in diameter. I bought my wooden beads in a wonderful shop in Dublin called Crown Alley (unfortunately they don't have a website - visit the shop anyway, if you are in Dublin. It is a treasure trove of beautiful, sparkly little bits and bobs... My picture here doesn't do it justice at all!)

Anyway, start by making a simple knot at the end of your string, leaving about one hand's width to the end of the string. Now string your bead onto the string. Make another simple knot right behind the bead. That way it is kept in place and will not move. Using your hand as a measure, make another knot another hand's width from the first bead. Put on bead. Make knot. And so on and so on. When you have the required length, just knot the string together.

Even if it is a simple necklace, I think it is quite beautiful and I often wear it with my favourite red dress. It even looks good on more sophisticated ladies:

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Features Editor, The Scum said...

Lovely. And it suits both of you equally well :-)