Thursday, July 16, 2009


For those of you who are still lucky enough to have a job (...), here is something to make your lunch a bit prettier! - It always annoyed me that I only had a few dirty, smelly plastic bags in which I brought my crispbread and lettuce up to the canteen. Very un-stylish! When I had to tidy up a few loose ends one evening, I decided to sew myself a pretty lunchbag.

Whenever I make a trip to Ikea (which is not that often, as Ikea is only opening in Dublin this July. Yessssssss - the suspense! the excitement! the expectation!!! I can tell you that a lot of Dublin ladies will be made very, very happy on July 27th *haha*), I stock up on the cheapest bargain fabric they are selling off. You often get colourful, nice fabrics for as little as 1 €/m. See a glimpse of my Ikea fabrics to the left.

For those of you who are dedicated seamstresses, my bag is probably a botch job. I am too impatient to work with templates, rulers and measures. Well, I'd like to say that I am pretty good at improvising... But here is a rough template I worked with. (Click on picture to enlarge!)

Basically cut out two separate rectangular side bits and one long rectangular bit which will form the bottom and the two smaller sides of the bag. Remember to calculate in 3 cm extra for sewing. I suggest you sew the bottom in first, with both larger side bits, and then do the side panels. Once everything was sewed together, I hemmed the top of the bag in one go.

For the handles, just cut two pieces of fabric to the length you want them and then fold them over twice and sew along the long side. Then sew them onto the top of your bag. Finished.

Here is my little maritime lunchbag (spot the Ikea fabric?)... Goes nicely with yoghurt, salmon and ciabatta bread...

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