Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decorating a Chandelier in Christmas Style

When we moved into our present house, I finally had a kitchen that I could decorate the way I wanted. And what I wanted was a chandelier with candles over our kitchen table. What I eventually bought has turned out as one of the luckiest finds - and bargains - ever! On one of my trips back to Germany I found a chandelier in Ikea which was just being discontinued and therefore was reduced in price. It was pre-Euro times, so I paid 20 Deutschmarks, which roughly translates into € 10,00. A total scoop!

Unfortunately I do not know the Ikea-name of the chandelier. It is made from galvanized steel and is a three-tiered chandelier with 6 candles on the bottom tier and 3 on the middle. It is a beautiful focal point in my kitchen and gets decorated according to the season.

 Please excuse the overexposed window - I was experimenting with fill flash for this pic. But you can see the two lower tiers in the image.

This year I went out into the park and got some holly - with red berries still attached. I wrought the holly around the bottom tier, simply resting it on the candle holders. And then I hung Christmas decorations from the leaves. I tend to decorate differently every year, so this year it is all silver with disco ball-baubles, sparkly stars and wire baubles.

 Decorating is so easy - it doesn't have to involve lots of crafts and nimble fingers. Just sticking a few twigs of holly and fir here and there is enough, the Christmas-tree decorations will do the rest. Here is an image of my kitchen - and the chandelier - in full swing, eh, full shining, Christmassy glory from last Christmas

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