Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inspired - inspiring

Isn't it cool to see how many creative people there are out there? Crafting is immensely satisfying, anyway, because after a bit of thought, planning and effort you will finally hold the fruits of your labour in your hand and you can enjoy what you have created yourself. Blogging about crafting is like that, too, because what you write is instantly visible and documents what you have made. But what is almost more satisfying is finding out, that not only your musings are read by others but that they can also inspire others to make something.

So I was really pleased to find - rather belatedly - that my friend "Schnattchen" had taken up the challenge and prettified her notepads, too. Her new covers look really nice and personal. Cool! Check it out: Angesteckt - Schnattchens Newsticker.

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