Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using up some scrap paper for night lights

I love candles. Ha, surprise, surprise, after my posting about the paper silhouettes... But seriously, doesn't it add instant atmosphere when you light a candle? I always have a stack of candles in my house - and I go through it pretty quickly.

I particularly like those little nightlights - very inexpensive, fit into any kind of glass or jar for an instant candle arrangement, relatively safe open light. But while they are practical in their little aluminium cups - can anyone tell me why noone has yet thought of presenting a bit more attractively so that they could stand alone? I often just pop them in a clear glass and the alu holder does slightly take away from the overall look...

So, when left with a few scraps of nice Japanese origami paper after giving my notebooks a new look, I quickly decided to make over the nightlights with a simple strip of paper. Cut them out and just secure them with a bit of glue, fix them around the nightlight and presto! They can be adapted to any kind of colour scheme or theme and are whipped up in minutes.

I used paper scraps, but also experimented with a bit of wrapping ribbon that was already the right width for the nightlight. Any piece of wrapping paper will do, too, or some colourful photo or ad. I like it...

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