Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Christmas Tags - or Christmas Cards

Ok, I can't hold off any longer. Christmas is upon us, soon. Well, it has already been around since September - at least in the form of gingerbread and Christmas chocolate in the supermarkets. But as the first of Advent is in November this year, I feel totally vindicated to start Christmas preparations in mid-November. In fact, I have decided I will start decorating the house the week after next. There is plenty of traditional Christmas deco up in the attic and after a long year without them I cannot wait to bring them out and display them again.

Christmas is just such a magical time - I am a self-confessed Christmas lover. So when I was asked by my family to organise this year's Christkindl (or in Pidgin German "Kriskindle"), I took the opportunity to make little cards in which each participant was given the name of their Christkindl partner.

Hang on, you don't know what "Christkindl" is? Ok - an easy concept that is actually quite well suited for anyone who has a large circle of (grown-up) relatives to give presents to. Essentially what you do is, you draw names from a hat so that each participant in the big "Christmas Present Exchange" has to buy/make/find a present for only one person. The value of the presents can be pre-set - in our family we limit ourselves to a maximum of € 20-worth and also allow home-made gifts. (Incidentally, the latter are more valuable, anyway...)

With paper from my Daintree stash I created a little card. Then I cut out some holly leaves from green carton and glued them to the card. For holly berries I used some red dot stickers which I already had.. You could also use the punch holes from your paper punch. Aren't these cute:

Something like this will work nicely as a gift tag, a thank you note or even a simply but lovely Christmas card for your kids' teachers and friends.


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