Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Market Day

Sooo. The market in Avoca was on yesterday and I was there. A great experience - alas not much custom. These recessionary times... *sighs*

No, seriously. I had a great time today. The market was on between 12 and 4 pm and I managed to arrive and set up all exactly in time. Here is a view of the little community hall where the market took place.

Unfortunately that is as busy as it got! There were only 8 stalls (including me), selling jams and juices, baked goods, children's raingear, bric-a-brac, jewellery, toys and plants. A café at one end of the hall offered tea and coffee plus homebaked cakes, and there was a puppet show and face painting for the kids. Oh, and Christy Moore on an endless loop on the stereo *eeek*.

Here is my stall - I had brought along a selection of my photo products and some mounted prints for sale. My Christmas cards and the candleshades were most popular. But nonetheless sales were slow - for all sellers. Well, at least I made 
back what I had to pay as a stall fee. Plus I had some really nice conversations with visitors. So it was a lovely afternoon and I will go back when they start up again at the end of February. 

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