Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy Decoration with an Empty Frame

By now you have seen two posts in which I used an empty frame to display my crafty projects in my kitchen. Autumn Decoration 2009 and Bring it on! Christmas Decorating has started. So here is a little eulogy on frames. I simply love them. And they are great for decorating, empty or filled with artwork, craftwork or beautiful items that need displaying.

My frilly frame came from a lot that a friend had bought at auction. This one was in particularly bad shape, some of the frilly bits broken off, the golden paint chipped off in parts. He was going to throw it out. I intervened and he gave it to me. I painted it white and the broken off bits are not noticable at all.

As there is was nail above the kitchen fireplace, I initially stuck it there without knowing what I really wanted to do with it. And then it became (almost) the most versatile display area in the house. Occasionally my kids' artwork gets displayed in there (just fixed against the wall with blutack), this autumn I hung an arrangement of dried flowers in it. And now it houses the Christmas wreath I made yesterday.

For an even easier and pretty instant deco idea, why don't you try something that I have had in the kitchen the last few Christmasses:

I simply threaded some nice baubles and decorations onto different colour ribbon. Laying the frame on the table, I adjusted the lengths of the ribbons and then stuck them into the frame with thumbtacks. No fuss, no cost - always attracts comments!

The drawing room mantle is not yet decorated for Christmas, but there is also a collection of empty frames on it. What do you think of this:

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