Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bead Ball Earrings

Sorry, this is not brandnew, but I wanted to show you what I made. The bead balls have kept me in thrall enthralled. Unfortunately I have run out of beads at this point, but I have a vague feeling that I might repurpose something from the depth of a big old trunk in my house... 

Anyway, before ran out of beads, I managed to make a pair of matching bead balls. I decided to turn them into earrings. I am not quite happy yet with the way I have attached them to the actual earring, but I like them enough to be wearing them today. 

Hehe, I would have loved to show them in situ, dangling from my earlobes. But - frankly - despite being a photographer I just couldn't get a decent picture of myself with the earrings. *doh*. Well, besides - my ear doesn't make a particularly pretty sight. So you get the drift from the pic up there...

If you are new here and haven't seen how I made them, go to my blog post HERE.



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Household 6 said...

Those are very fun! I would totally wear earrings like those, they're cute! I like the balls in the middle of the flower piece in one of your posts below too... it's gorgeous!