Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bottle Bottom Creations

Did anyone take a closer look at the mirror decorations in yesterday's post? I had a bundle of hearts and flowers hanging on the mirror. I was in two minds about showing the flowers closer, because this is a slightly rubbishy craft project. Yes, literally. The "flowers" are made from plastic bottle bottoms! But now I have decided to show them in detail, because I just saw the most amazing chandelier made from those bottle bottoms. Jan from bobbypins boardwalk posted a whole list of inspiring chandeliers made from all sorts of things, among them one that was made from the plastic bottle bottoms. Grrrrrrrrrah, and I thought I was soooo original, creative and imaginative *hmph*...

I had noticed a while ago that the bottoms of the plastic bottles had a flower shape and I wanted to make something with that, too. With spring coming, now is the time to start digging out some flowery decorations. "Spring coming", I hear you wonder? Well, in Ireland, the first day of spring is traditionally St Brigid's Day, which is the 1st of February. The day after tomorrow. Ha! Spring? It's -1°C outside!!! But a little cheerful flower decoration will certainly lift my spirits!

So, anyway, I rinsed my plastic bottles and then used a sharp, serrated bread knife to cut into the plastic. Once you have a cut about 1 cm long, you can wedge your scissors in there and continue cutting with them. If you use the knife for cutting the whole bottom off, the edges will be rather rough. You can tidy them up with your scissors, too.

And that is it - you already have your flower shapes there. I did this with a 2 Liter Pepsi bottle (see clear, bigger flower on the right) and a smaller Sprite bottle (blue flower on the left). 

The clear flower I then sprayed with red spray paint, and while the spray paint was drying, I sprinkled some glitter on it. I am leaving the blue flower as it is, just glueing a little white button into the centre. Punch a hole in it with a needle and attach a piece of thread to hang it from.

Here is another small flower. It was made from the cap of an old can of whipped cream. The plastic was a little bit thicker and slightly more difficult to cut. With a small red button in the centre it makes a cute little flower.

This is an easy project - and a fun one, too. Might look nice in the kids' room. Or just glue some skewers to the back of them and stick them into a potted plant? For the moment I kind of like them on the mirror... 


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Anonymous said...

I see what you mean now. Great visual and you are the cleverest gal to notice the shape of the bottles. I love repurposed items!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha -- you are too funny! Have you been back to my place to see whose beautiful chandelier I added to my listing of DIY chandeliers? Bet you can't guess!!!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Ha, great - thanks for including it in your illustrious list!!! I feel honoured!

Unknown said...

How smart!

Unknown said...

I am featuring this at