Monday, January 18, 2010

The Darling Jugs of January

What's wrong with that headline? Haha, no, it's very fitting in today's context. Remember my twice recycled wreath? It looks as if wreath-mania is finally over! With a lot of ignorance goodwill I did get ten days out of those eucalyptus branches. But today it was finally time to say good-bye to them. I dismantled the wreath, threw the branches in the compost - and was left with an empty frame.

Luckily I had come across a quick and easy deco idea. TCB had directed me to a post by Queenplinker where she had created a lovely display from milk jugs. Check it out here. With about 500 jugs and assorted bits of junk flying around in my house, putting together my version of the milk jug display was a laugh.

I had bought a few rolls of organza ribbon in a 1-Euro-Shop in Munich and here they came in handy. Not quite sure about the brass circle I hung them from, but it'll do for the moment. And I love my display frame with them in it... They go nicely with the spring-mantle, I think. 

Decorating can be soooo easy...

Oh, and yes, there are some darling buds of January to show, too. Look at what is making a first appearance in the park. Just a week ago everything was covered in snow, and now here are the first snowdrops! Spring is on its way - my mantle is appropriate. (Just have to change the slogan on my reminder pebble...)


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Nalamienea said...

aww! I love your jugs (tee hee) and your spring buds!