Thursday, January 28, 2010

While We Are Talking About Earrings...

I love it when things fit together thematically. Just as I was showing off my new bead ball earrings today on Craft-Werk, over on Remodelaholic Cassity has decided to post my - slightly - related lost earring reuse project. 

Ever lost an earring? It's a bit like the mystery of the vanishing socks - you are left with a single earring. Useless on its own, but still too precious to throw away. I had lost about eight of them in the past year and I couldn't stand the lonely sight of them. So I came up with a way of turning them into something new.

Check out my project on Cassity's blog - she's put my instructions into a really sleek and easy-to-view tutorial. And make sure you look at Cassity's cool ideas she is showcasing on Remodelaholic, like the Valentine's door hanging made from muffin liners, her super-stylish screen and the many inspiring before and afters.  Leave her a comment and tell her I said 'hi!'...  


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