Thursday, January 14, 2010

And Another Apothecary Jar...

After the recent flurry of activity here on the blog (a post a day for a week...), I had to temporarily step back to attend to my exams. One out of the way, one more to come, but after two days of silence, I really felt I had to write something today.

Not only do I want to show off something I did, but I also wanted to point you into the direction of Remodelaholic again. You know - one of my favourite crafts blogs. Today Cassity posted two really long and comprehensive posts about her bedroom remodel. But yesterday *tada*, she actually highlighted my designer lampshade. Check her post here - and my original post here.

Right, I had a little bit of time to spend in town today, and I used it to check out a cheap homewares shop in the city centre. While in Germany before Christmas, I had seen some fabulous, large apothecary jars which were really, really cheap. However, I could not buy them because I knew I was not allowed to bring glass in my handluggage on the plane - and they would not have survived the journey in the hold. With many apothecary jar tutorials on the web (e.g. Shanty2Chic's) I knew I could make one myself. So I set out today to hunt for a candle holder and a glass jar with lid. I was in luck - I found both in the shop and paid € 2 for the candle holder and € 4.50 for the jar. The jar is not too bad on its own, but the candleholder... *yuk*:

In a matter of seconds (!), yes, literally seconds, I hotglued the bottom of the jar to the upside down candleholder. Now, I have been to impatient to wait for proper light in the morning, therefore my picture is not great. The ambient light was too dark for the photo - but anyway, here is the finished product. (I'll post a better pic in the morning!)

For a first try it's not too bad, I think. I would prefer a less frilly base for the jar, and I will continue to look out for suitable candleholders and lidded jars that can be appropriated for this. Ultimately I would love to have two large apothecary jars to grace my mantlepiece. Yesssss, I am a sucker for spartan symmetry... Boring to some, full of grace and calm for me!

Here is the mantlepiece photographed with flash:

The mantlepiece is in my kitchen - which is actually predominantly white and red. However, after Christmas I am hungry for fresh green - spring is what I want - and therefore the mantle is now white and green. I wonder whether my family will spot the difference when they come down for breakfast tomorrow morning...


15 January 2010: Just in time to link to Beth's


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I'm so glad you joined! What a creative apothecary jar. I like how you brought the theme of your framed botanical onto your mantel and I LOVE your little "Let it Snow" sign---so cute.

Yasmine said...

I must say Sonja, you are unstoppable! I like your idea so much, simple, lovely yet gorgeous...thank you (and please don't mind if I copy it ;-)

Sonja, Queen of Crafts said...

@ Beth - thank you for taking the time to comment all your mantle-show-off-ers ;-)

@ Yasmine - hey, glad you like it! Please DO copy it. Hehe, and show us the result in the blog, pleeeease!

Nunurina said...

Hermosa idea! Sencilla y brillante a la vez.

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

I love the white and green. Very simple and beautiful...and fresh!


Sonja, Queen of Crafts said...

Thanks, Grace and Nunurina, for your kind comments!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Great idea with the homemade apothecary jar! It turned out very nice. I like the idea of adding some green right now too. How nice to have a mantel in your kitchen.