Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wreath-Mania grabs the Queen of Crafts

I am on a wreath roll here... More wreath bases to re-use. And the left-overs from a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that my friend Judith of Judith's Wild Flowers had given me after Christmas. Please bear with me, even if you are sick and tired of wreaths after Christmas. 

The flowers were ready to join the compost, but the greenery was still lovely. So I decided to reuse the eucalyptus in another wreath. I will spare you the detailed instructions for making the wreaths - it's always the same story: Tie on with twine, overlap branches, done. The secret is in the sauce decoration. Another piece of white ribbon (yep - the colour of the season is white - as befits the snowy outdoors) was begging to be used. So again I tied it to the top of the wreath. However, the wreath looked a bit bare just with one bow at the top. 

I rummaged through the drawers and found a test-tube. I wrapped some silver twine around the rim of the test-tube and then secured it on the bottom of the wreath. Then I simply popped a couple of flowers into it.

You've seen my versatile white frame again and again and again (am I boring you? sorry) - and here again: The winter wreath is now on display in my frilly frame above the kitchen mantlepiece. I have no idea how long the eucalyptus branches will last without water, but hey, if I get a week out of them, I'll be happy... After all, it was just an exercise in re-using material that was otherwise going to be thrown out. 

Oh, and PS: That wreath is NOT straggly. It is purposely eclectic in shape. Yes! I like it that way *grins*... But yes, I agree, I should have tidied up the twine bits from which the wreath is hanging. Shame on me!!!


WhisperWood Cottage said...

Such a sweet wreath! Paired with that frame and the flowers in the center, it creates a very romantic vignette!

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hey Amy - thanks for the visit and the comment!!! "Vignette" is actually really apt!