Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inspiration Lists

Oh my, I have only just copped on that a few of my past projects had been mentioned in Jan's Boardwalk Blotter.

This blog pretty much does what it says on the tin banner - it is a uncommented list of interesting and inspiring projects and tutorials that Jan finds in Blogworld. I have to say I feel quite honoured in the company of some truly cool projects there. From my blog Jan picked the bird magnets, the paper stars and the designer lampshade. Check it out - there is some fantastic stuff in there!!!

 My list of "featured"-buttons is growing *yay*. It is so good to get feedback like that. No, I am not crafting to be loved - I craft because I like to be creative (and because I am a cheapskate *haha*). But it's great to know that others like what you do.

I would actually love to know if any of the readers here have ever recreated something that I posted on this blog? If you did - please take a picture and show me!!! I am so curious! And I would love to feature your craft-werk creation on the blog! Hehe, I would even consider coming up with a button for future features!!!

Edit: I have actually just added my e-mail address to the ABOUT ME section. From now on I can be contacted via craftwerk(at)ymail(dot)com. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear, for the shoutout! I use the blotter to help myself keep track of the projects that I love and want to do. At first I kept that blog as "hidden", then I thought that I would clean it up a bit and share it. I'm glad that you liked it. I looked and looked at this picture and finally figured out that it's the bottom of you chandelier, right? Love it! I will send you a picture of mine when I make it....and I WILL make it.

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hehe, Jan, this is becoming a chatroom ;-)... You are great for keeping up with all the blogs you follow!!! And yes - you absolutely got it right, it is the view of the lampshade from below.
Really looking forward to seeing your creation! Get well soon!

Lisa said...

Hello Sonja,
I am so happy you found you way to my little blog. I love finding new places to explore. You are my first blog friend from Ireland. My family has a little shack in Ballybunion, my Grandfather is from there. My husband & I visited 3 years ago & spent 10 days driving around your whole amazing country. I cannot even tell you which stop we loved best. Each was more astounding than the last. And the people...Oh goodness, we stayed in B&B's the whole way & were treated like family. Cannot wait to come back. Sorry I got long winded. Lisa

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

Hey, thanks for the return visit, Lisa - both to my blog and to Ireland. Yes, this is an amazingly beautiful country - when it is not winter (which is actually most of the year *haha*). Hope you can explore it further! Slán!