Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Wreath Out - Evergreen Wreath In

All my Christmas deco is down. Yay! It went faster than I thought. But oh, how bare the house looks all of a sudden. Time to deck the halls with something new...

After cutting all the fir off my metal wreath base, I decided to reuse it. The plan was to make a very basic, very simple box wreath. To make a thin wreath, I first made the metal ring a bit smaller by cutting off the inner ring. Compare the two images below: 

So here are all the things that you need to make a little box wreath: a thin (metal) ring, a few box sprigs, silver twine, ribbon - and scissors.

Start off by tying your twine to the ring. Then take a sprig of box and fasten it to the ring with the twine. Overlap the next sprig of box over the first bit and continue tying it onto the ring until you have gone all the way around the ring. 

First part of the project finished! Now decorate your wreath. I had some white ribbon that I wanted to use. I only tied it on as a bow with generous ends dangling down. Even though I was not quite sure where I was going to hang the wreath, I decided to attach two bits of ribbon from which to hang the wreath

I didn't want to knot or tie the ribbon on, so in order to attach it, I clipped a bit of twine and bent it in a U-shape. With that simple "pin" I tied the ribbon onto the wreath. (Hope you get my drift here...)

Voilá, that's it. Now that the window decorations are down and I have recycled all the Christmas cards that were perched on the window ledge, I think the window is the prefect place for my wreath. For illustration's sake I created a little welcome sign with my bird silhouette (lazy me - used the same as the one I cut out from the magnets) and hung it from the wreath.

I wonder who will be coming through the window whom I can welcome *haha*...


olga said...

Vögel, Fliegen und Spinnen ;0) ?

Sieht schön aus, wobei ich das "Welcome"- Schild vermutlich mittiger im Kreis positioniert hätte

Sonja @ Craft-Werk said...

hehe, ja - das war so ein "after-thought", zur Illustration weil der Kranz sonst so nackt aussah. Ich hab's wieder abgemacht - ist am Fenster idiotisch, so ein Willkommensschild...